1000ML manual soap dispenser Foam dispenser special for hotel Drip style

The products cover environmental protection, simplicity, fashion as the design concept, with excellent quality to provide customers with professional quality supporting services. Public health products production and sales manufacturers, mainly to produce public sanitary products, set design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one. Main production paper towel box, soap dispenser, cleaning supplies and mold processing and other integrated products production services. Take the enterprise culture as the foundation, take the quality management as the core system operation control. In constantly meeting customer needs and services, to achieve the company's strategic objectives. With green environmental protection as the design concept, with excellent quality to reflect customer value, constantly update, innovation. Develop their own patent products, to provide customers with satisfactory products
Product Features:
1. Equipped with an anti-theft lock to prevent man-made debris blockage and unnecessary damage;
2. Fillable inner bottle or disposable inner bottle, suitable for all kinds of soap liquid, such as shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.;
3. The simple structure can be quickly assembled, disassembled and cleaned. The liquid cutting is made of imported special silica gel tube and without any spring device.
The fuselage is made of imported ABS engineering plastic and is durable.