Hotel bathroom manual soap dispenser wall-mounted manual soap dispenser ABS soap dispenser

1. Essential products for modern sanitary ware
2. Healthy bathroom, low carbon life, durable and reliable, clean environmental protection, fashion and beautiful
3. Everything is for your comfortable life
4. After thousands of tests, ensure smooth flow without clogging, leakage and durability
5. Drip and use gel hand sanitizer
6. ABS engineering plastic made of high quality, multi-process processing strength and high elasticity coefficient, adapt to a wide range of temperature, odorless and harmless to human body, in line with national safety standards
7. Independent soap dispenser seals the bottle, does not emit smell, and protects the soap for long-lasting use
8. Wall-mounted installation, perforation-free or hole-free installation, 1000ML super large capacity
9. Suitable for a variety of scenarios, anywhere you need, give you a high quality of life: airports, stations, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes, clubs, cinemas, offices, factories, etc
10. OEM and ODM acceptable