Wall-mounted Double Soap Dispenser Hand Soap Dispenser Hand Soap Dispenser Toilet Soap Dispenser Shampoo and Body Soap Dispenser

Product Design Style: 
hand-operated Soap Dispenser is specially designed for hotels, families and other places. Made of PC material, no breakage, high transparency, acid and alkali resistance. Reasonable appearance design and strict structure. Suitable for all kinds of environment decoration collocation. 
Save the use of soap, safe and reliable, easy to maintain acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, can be placed in a variety of soap, such as shower gel, shampoo, detergent and other hanging board can be separated from the bottle body, add liquid, clean more convenient with anti-theft lock settings, the utility model can effectively prevent the artificial sundries from entering the bottle and losing the body
Installation method: 
Note: anti-theft keys should be properly stored, add soap, clean bottle can be used 
1. Insert the key into the top cover and rotate 90 degrees to remove the cover. Hold the bottle, push open the upper part of the hanging board, take out the hanging board 
2. Mark the position of the mounting hole on the wall with the hanging board, drill 4-6 mm holes in the mark, and fix the hanging board with the rubber plug and the screw which comes with it. 
3. Fix The bottle body on the hanging board and fill the soap. This product is guaranteed for one year free of charge. Any failure due to manufacturing process or component defects is covered by the warranty. Product surface is not covered by warranty, such as scratches, etc. . Any failure caused by man-made or external factors, such as impact and tapping, or user-initiated maintenance, will result in warranty failure. Consumables are not covered by the warranty.