Transparent design of manual soap dispenser

1. Manual switch, quantitative liquid, wall hanging installation, 350 ml capacity, enjoy quality bathroom life
2. Classic design, simple beauty, design inspiration from the pursuit of life, simple shell, classic wall design, so that it can be integrated into a variety of bathroom design style
3. Powerful scene compatibility, business household with the heart change, a consumer to enjoy modern life experience.
4. Repeated testing can be continuous out of more than 700 times, the world 10 million users
5. Solve the bathroom storage problem
6. Good quality attention to detail, HIGH-QUALITY PUMP head, not easy to leak, simple system structure, product and pump head can be separated, convenient product maintenance, a light press, can be liquid, designed for wet bathroom.
7. Wall installation, back hole, safe and stable, location optional
8. Visible Window, allowance at a glance, transparent appearance, visual design, timely replenishment of liquid
9. Lock is the key to ensure safety and health,
use instructions:
1. Add liquid, add liquid mouth, easy to add liquid to the container, simple and practical, do not cover, hidden, beautiful health
2. Liquid outlet, liquid outlet, just gently press, there is a liquid out, convenient and simple, do not waste, soap liquid container water description: the bottle is filled with water to test whether the soap liquid out of liquid, is a normal phenomenon