Manufacturers direct wall hanging manual liquid soap dispenser hand sanitizer bottle hand sanitizer by hand mass disinfection

Product design style:
Manual soap dispenser is specially designed for hotels, families and other places. PC materials, non - rupture, high transparency, acid and alkali resistance. The appearance design is reasonable, the structure is rigorous. Suitable for all kinds of environment decoration.
Product features:
-500ml liquid soap dispenser with large capacity can reduce The Times of liquid addition
- Unique lock design ensures exclusive soap supplier - High quality foam pump head, producing fine and rich foam
- The housing adopts ABS, which is resistant to pressure and durable
- Edible PP material is used in the tank, which is safe and hygienic. Disposable or filled with the tank is optional
- Transparent window for instant filling
· Save the amount of soap liquid, safe and reliable, easy to maintain
· Acid and alkali resistant, can be placed in a variety of soap solution, such as shower gel, shampoo, washing liquid, etc
· The hanging board and bottle body can be split, adding liquid, and cleaning is more convenient
· It is equipped with an anti-theft lock to effectively prevent man-made sundries from entering the bottle and losing the body