face shield Fast delivery of high quality civilian disposable masks  

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High efficiency filtration, low resistance, three layers of protection, strong air permeability, filtration efficiency up to 95%, effective protection of respiratory health Guard every breath, effectively block the particles and pollutants in the air, protect the family's respiratory health High fiber non-woven cloth, blocking visible objects such as droplets, absorbing hot gas, dry and comfortable, highly efficient filtering melting spray cloth, filtering non-oily particles in the air Authoritative test, safe to use, plastic bridge, waterproof layer, effective barrier,Stereo lug type,Adopt wide flat high elastic ear to hang low sense of pressure, comfort time is longer,Skin-friendly, smooth contact with the face, smooth breathing, wear for a long time without leaving marks and strangling the face,International ultra-low respiratory resistance, breathing smooth,Suitable for all face shapes,High elastic band, comfortable to wear, let the ears to enjoy the feeling