Transparent Design Automatic Soap Dispenser

1,Researches show that,Soap to wash your hands cleaner
2,600mlLarge capacity cup body,One infusion lasts a long time
3,Transparent design,Observe the remaining liquid at all times
4,Change the traditional manual press
5,Stretched out hand and induction,Automatic liquid
6,Easier to clean,Save water save hand sanitizer,The Automatic liquid prevents cross-infection
7,To save time, to save water ,Save the dosage
8,Used in all kinds of places:Shopping malls, bars, airports, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc
9,Wall-mountable design,Super strong ABS engineering materials,Clear soap liquid box,durable,Antioxidant non-toxic and tasteless,Not easy yellowing,Different from the second feed
10,No leakage in 300,000 tests,Simple and elegant appearance,
11,Free of contact with the liquid to block bacteria
12,Independent installation,Convenient and quick
13,Back panel removable,More convenient installation and cleaning

Daily maintenance knowledge

1, often rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth
2, can use mild neutral liquid and colorless glass cleaner to clean the surface of the difficult to remove stains and scale film
3. Avoid contact with any acidic detergent, polishing abrasive or rough agent, cloth or paper towel, soap, etc