700ml Automatic foam Soap Dispenser 

1,High quality rubber bubble mouth, leakproof design, rotary switch machine, rotary head can switch machine
2,ABS environment-friendly dirt-resistant material, not easy to damage by mildew, IPX waterproof grade 4, wet environment at ease
3,White colour,The foam style sells well
4,Hand out bubble, make hand washing more simple and fast, avoid hand washing liquid residue, harm the child's tender skin
5,The induction distance is 4-6cm. Extend your hand to the induction area below the nozzle, and the nozzle will automatically induce foam. The whole process is free of contact, so as to avoid cross-infection. Automatic induction 1s bubble, the machine life of about 50,000 times
6,Low consumption, more energy saving, when not in use into standby state
7,Induction breathing light status reminder, convenient to understand the working status of the machine
8,Bionic design, easy for children to take bubble, foam does not touch the fuselage
9,Compatible with a variety of hand sanitizer, can be used with any foam soap on the market (foam hand sanitizer, cleansing foam, etc.), the foam is as fine and dense as a cloud
10,All kinds of occasions can be matched, hotel, mall, club, hospital, household, etc., free hands, make hand washing more convenient, increase the fun of hand washing