Automatic induction foam soap dispenser

1, 1≥3!Compared with similar products, its life will be more than 3 times longer!

2. Contactless design to prevent secondary infection; With infrared automatic induction device

3. Plug-in design, which can be used with dry battery or plug-in, is truly healthy and environmentally friendly
4. ABS material, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Exquisite manufacturing technology, not broken, not broken, not deformation, not leakage, feel good

5, cost saving, with a bubble bath generator, can be filled with hand sanitizer, shampoo or bath liquid

6. Wall-mounted setting with novel design and easy installation

7. Contactless design, with induction device, soap liquid can be produced by hand

8, American style, beautiful and practical, excellent quality and reasonable price, ensure safe, convenient, environmental protection

9, quality products, with star service, let us see from the user satisfaction smile

10, especially suitable for: catering industry, entertainment venues, office buildings, beauty salons, photography buildings, trains, factories, hospitals, Internet cafes and other densely populated and pay attention to clean, healthy, comfortable and elegant environment.