Automatic foam Soap Dispenser

1,Large capacity contactless automatic induction
2,Induction without touching, reject cross infection,Traditional manual pressure, contact transmission of bacteria, research shows that most of the transmission of bacteria is through contact, especially in children, do not develop the habit of washing hands, easy to get sick
3,rich and delicate foam,Foam wash hands, easy to rinse,Fluid flow, full and clean, save environmental protection,dual purpose DC power supply and battery
4,school hospital business toilet foam hand sanitizer Foam induction machine
5,Infrared sensor technology with sensitive materials, the product has only experience
6,Foam machine capacity, can hold 1200ml, greatly reduce the cost of disinfection, reduce waste
7,Automatic foam Soap Dispenser Safety locks are provided at the top to avoid children's curiosity and unnecessary waste in public places
8,Suitable for all kinds of disinfectants, potions/hand sanitizers; Low energy drive circuit design, so that the battery life is longer, is an ideal choice for public places.
9,Has the advantages of stable and reliable work, strong anti-light source interference ability and sensitive induction
10,Complete packaging accessories, convenient installation