Infrared automatic soap dispenser household kitchen and bathroom hand sanitizer detergent electric soap dispenser


1. Designed for hand health, to avoid cross-contamination and to love hand washing


2. Research shows that a person's hands need to touch foreign objects once every 17 seconds, one hand can adhere to hundreds of thousands of bacteria, hand skin is exposed for a long time, lack of protection, hand hygiene is related to health, it is worth caring for. Prevention begins with washing your hands. Automatic infrared sensor soap dispenser, convenient and simple, no need to press


3.Reach hand into the induction area below the nozzle, and the liquid will be automatically induced. The whole process is free of contact, so as to get cross - infection, Which is more hygienic and work


4.High quality pump head without leakage, lateral appearance.Can hang a wall already, also Can be put on stage, take below burglarproof lock.


5. Use range: star hotels, theaters, clubs, bath centers, beauty salons, families, public places and other best choice!