sensor soap dispenser

 Automatic soap sensor
 ​Product features:
1. International standards: the product adopts imported engineering plastic steel materials, the entire industrial manufacturing process fully complies with the strict restrictions of the implementation of international standards, the product is free from any toxicity, pollution and radioactive ingredients, is a true green energy-saving environmental protection products.
2. Separate parts: the product is composed of several separate parts, which is convenient for disassembly. If there is any damage, the parts can be replaced at any time.
3. Safety management: with anti-theft lock setting, effectively prevent man-made sundries from entering the bottle and losing the body.
4. Use range: star hotels, senior hotels, luxury clubs, bath centers, beauty salons, families and other best choice!
5.The product has three functions: soap liquid, foam and spray. The corresponding pump head needs to be replaced for different liquids (for example, if the soap liquid is replaced with foam, the soap pump head needs to be replaced with the foam pump head).
6. Simple system structure, the whole product can be disassembled, simple and convenient, more efficient for after-sales service, the rubber pad in the pump head adopts silica gel, strong wear resistance
7. Do not use the product under strong light, which will damage the infrared sensor
8. The product USES four no. 2 batteries and can support AC or DC power supply
9. The product has low power warning. When you find the LED light flashing continuously, it indicates that the battery is low
10. Product liquid output: 1.5ml(soap) 0.5ml (foam) 0.4ml (spray)