Liquid Soap Dispenser

Wall mounted manual soap dispenser with liquid lock and detachable inner box,Nice design,OEM color,Hot sell products,Easy refill liquid soap,free for logo print.drip type,White shell + grey button,Use range : Hospital,Hotel,Public place,Airport Place,school,
Pour in any hand sanitizer and place the product until the liquid flows into the outlet pump. Widely used, can contain disinfectant, wash
Liquid detergents, such as hand soap, are fashionable products that replace the traditional soap liquid, bottle and pump washing and nursing products
For soap. Unique appearance, precise organization, need to start and open, pouring hand sanitizer can be used. High quality products, high enjoyment.
Product features:
1. All the main components of soap dispenser are independent and easy to maintain;
2. The installation and mechanical operation of soap dispenser are completely separated to avoid corrosion of the mechanical device by soap solution
3. Unique liquid feeding structure, each time the liquid is absolutely fixed to prevent liquid leakage.
4, no rust and wear resistance, perennial use.
5, the circuit board has a unique waterproof design, adapt to the wet environment.
6, suitable for all kinds of liquid washing and disinfection supplies.
7. It has a special anti-theft design, and the top is more secure with a locking device.